David Fachman Announces Exciting New Release of Enormous Christmas Animatronics

Sure to be the talk of Christmas town displays everywhere, giant moving holiday décor is now on sale at Christmas Animatronic Magic.

When it comes to the holidays, many businesses and events want to create an unforgettable winter wonderland. New releases of enormous, moving decorations will offer opportunities to develop these impressive displays. Christmas Animatronic Magic (CAM) is now selling larger-than-life moving holiday characters.

As President of Christmas Animatronic Magic, David Fachman is gearing up for a busy holiday season. “People are ready to celebrate,” he says. “We’ve had a tough couple of years, and people want to have something to be excited about. Animatronics is the perfect solution because they are often ideal for outdoor settings. These huge decorations aren’t just engaging for people of all ages; they are also easy to appreciate without having to crowd around them.”

He notes that the new release is just in time for companies planning their holiday displays and events. The company comes after David Fachman successfully managed a similar Halloween-centric animatronics store called Scarefactory in 1996. The Scarefactory now works with 250 clients, including The Walt Disney Company, Paramount Studios, Universal Studios, Ripley, and more. In 2006, David Fachman produced more than 180 animatronic pirates for the recreated “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride.

This string of success over the past 25 years has led to creating a holiday-centric animatronics company.

On the CAM website, potential buyers can browse individual item listings that show images, illustrations, description details, and videos of the holiday decor options in action. Display choices for larger-than-life decorations include:

16’ SnowBlower Snowman – An enormous moving snowman encases snow blowing machine to create a manufactured winter wonderland.

Winston the Snowman – The classic snowman narrator with a twinkling icicle lantern, movement options, and plug-and-play vocal capabilities.

12’ Delux Animated Christmas Tree – Able to open its mouth, blink and move with shining eyes and decked out with Christmas tree lights.

8’ Animated Polar Bear – Capable of optional stack language protocol features that allow the bear to interact with patrons in real-time.

Christmas Carnival Games – Entertaining event-friendly games, like Snowman Sled Race, Racing Penguins, and Christmas Tree Hi-Striker.

There are many options, including posable décor, Animated Santa mailboxes, and more. Companies can choose display pieces that welcome the guests, sing songs, tell stories, create snow flurries, offer the perfect photoshoot backdrop, or provide entertaining activities. The wide selection of impressive decorations is now on sale.

“Make your event or display something extraordinary this year,” David Fachman says. “With online listings, it’s easier than ever to get your animatronics. Prices are listed on the CAM Christmas website, and companies can buy animatronic décor for the holidays now.”